Ever wonder what a painter's studio is like?

Ever wonder what a painter's studio is like?

Rick Frisbie in his studio

Not long ago a man contacted me and asked where he could see my paintings in person. He had seen them on my website but now wanted to experience them first-hand. Many of my paintings live in my studio, so I invited him to come and take a look (my previous gallery space closed and I've not yet found another -- if you have a recommendation, let me know!). 

He told me which ones he was interested in, so I had those out and ready to view. Then I left him alone to browse. He had questions about the “back stories” of the paintings -- every painting has a backstory -- so we had some interesting discussion. We talked prices, he decided which ones he wanted to purchase, then we loaded his paintings and he headed home. I think he was happy and I certainly was!

The internet is great, but there's nothing like seeing the color, texture, and composition in person. So here's an invitation just for you: if you have seen a painting on this website that sparked your interest, please come and visit the studio to see the work in person.

personal invitation to visit studio

A painter’s studio is a private place. Not many people have seen the inside of mine, but I welcome you. If you let me know which paintings you're interested in, I'll make sure they're on display and ready for you. I hope to see you soon!

Happy, colorful art to you! 



Collection of floral paintings (15% off in-store sales)
Lauren Quinn Flower Boutique | 129 S. Santa Fe | Salina Downtown

February 1-April 25, 2023 | Triptych of tulips
Trinity United Methodist Church | 901 E. Neal Ave | Salina, Kansas

Lincoln Art Center Member's Only Show

March 10-April 2023 | Members' Show
Lincoln Art Center | 126 E. Lincoln Ave. | Lincoln, Kansas

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