Move your feet.

Move your feet.

Jesus Sketches - Rick Frisbie

“When you pray, move your feet.”

That’s what I believe.

Someone once questioned if I have any faith. At first I was a little offended. But it is a good question.

I decided to paint my faith with a “Sketches of Jesus” series. You’ll probably recognize the themes: hungry/feed, stranger/welcome, prison/visit, sick/comfort, naked/clothed.

Yes I have faith… and a lot more questions than answers. But when I concentrate on the human condition (hunger, sickness, loneliness), life seems to be more in focus for me.

Does it work that way for you? I would be interested in hearing. Let me know in the comments section below.

I wish for you a fun and very meaningful holiday season with family and friends.

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Thanks Michael. Sure. I’m swamped at the moment but we can find a time.


Rick Frisbie

At 67 years old, my almost 40 year old faith became Faith two years ago. I could fill the comment box with that story.
I’d like to tell you about it sometime!

Michael Coone

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