When things don't go as planned...

When things don't go as planned...

First of all, a big thank you to all who have reached out and wished me well on recovering from recent back surgery. This past week has been a bit wacky, but I'm home and making progress every day.

Back to the woods

Below are some images from my ongoing "Woods" series that I mentioned in last week's newsletter. These paintings are still in progress, but as soon as they're finished they'll be available in the Landscape section of my website. There will be more woods to come, especially once I get back into the wild to paint!


Trinity United Methodist Church Gallery
901 E Neal | Salina, Kansas | 785-825-5270
Lauren Quinn Flower Boutique
129 S Santa Fe Ave | Salina, Kansas | 785-502-5120                                          

Call or text me at 785-577-1227 if you see something you're interested in.

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