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How You Doin'?" / "Sa Bai Dee Mai Ka?"

How You Doin'?" / "Sa Bai Dee Mai Ka?"

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16" x 16" | Oil

"How you doin'?" is Joey's (Friends) come-on to women. The way you would say that phrase in Thai is:
"Sa bai dee mai ka?" 
I had fun painting this image and imagining what happens next. I painted it from several photo images. The combination of the women's bicycle and the man's longhorn I think is an interesting comparison in modes of travel. Some do ride the cattle in Thailand. I have a good friend who was born in Thailand and now lives in the United States. He helped supply me with some of these photos. I hope to do more paintings from the rural, northern Thai area. It's a fascinating area that I hope to visit someday.

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