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Jazz Singer

Jazz Singer

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10.5" x 16.5" | Oil

I saw some women who sang and danced in a way that I wanted to try to capture on canvas. I still sort of hear their music and sense the rhythm of their dance. In my memory, that ties over to a small group that I saw performing in a bar in Hawaii. There is something about music and movement that causes memories to adhere to my memory. Now if I could just figure out ways to enhance my memory, maybe through movement and music, I could be ahead of the game. My friend Tyler that just reminded me of the movie "The Notebook" about a woman with dementia, who's memory only returned occasionally through the playing of her husband's music. I wish I had I painted this for a show I had at Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat called "Dance Fantasies". I still like the positions of the women and the fact it is in the night.
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