30" x 24" | Acrylic
This painting was inspired by the poem, "Perishables," by Joe McKenzie, from his book At The Mercy of Ourselves. "...sounded like a train switching tracks before rolling south carrying tons of wheat to another grain elevator and I thought, Hello, what is going on here? Why move so much food... Why pretend we all control our pantry filling our shelves, stocking enough per house to feed a village... To save non-perishables like us, for a day that might never arrive. Never looks like the brown face of a perishable child with questioning eyes... This wonderful life we live, this endless life we shop or online finding for non-perishables to compete with, for the best and brightest, knowing there is a continent somewhere, full of perishable babies, adorable kids with desperate mommies who count the days they have with their loved ones and no it is not, could never be enough."