A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”
Henry David Thoreau

Whenever possible, I take an early morning walk to reset my brain and body. I live very close to a quiet, secluded, wooded area along the beautiful Smoky Hill River, which makes this fairly easy. The budding of a variety of trees haphazardly planted by birds, scampering wildlife, reflections in the water, moving shadows, and a chorus of birds’ mating calls make it the perfect location for renewal. It's a wonderful daily emersion into the natural world.

I've been attempting to capture the magical feeling of this place in my painting. Here's a sneak peek of one of the paintings in my new series, “Woods” (in progress). I'll have more to show you soon.

work in progress from new series, Woods; oil on canvas, Rick Frisbie

Work in progress from new series called ”Woods” | Oil on canvas

I love the woods, but there's another dimension of this experience: if I walk less than 100 feet from my peaceful getaway, I'm in the middle of a busy street with all its accompanying sounds of loud cars, trash trucks, and other human activity.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”

So I remind myself that the idyllic and commonplace are both a part of everyday living. Which do I want to focus on? Is one better than the other? Can I see the value in both?

Woman Into/Out of the World, 5" x 7, Acrylic, Rick Frisbie

Woman Into/Out of the World | 5" x 7 | Acrylic

I wonder what advice Fitzgerald would have about my present situation: I am currently in a rehabilitation hospital at KU Med Center -- one week and counting. My disc fusion surgery was successful, but the recovery is slower than expected. I am relearning to walk and learning to manage the pain. Though this is an unexpected turn of events, I'm grateful and want to take advantage of this time to regroup and get stronger. 

One more week and I should be good to go -- well, good enough to go home at least!

Do you have a spot that helps you recharge? Let me know where it is -- I might need more locations to explore!


Gamma Floral, Rick Frisbie

Gamma Floral, Rick Frisbie

My friend Lee Romaniszyn took me up on my offer of a studio visit, and went home with my floral painting titled Gamma Floral. She even sent me a photo showing the painting hanging in her home, right next to Matisse's Pascal's Pensees (I'm honored!). Thanks, Lee!


Trinity United Methodist Church Gallery
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Lauren Quinn Flower Boutique
129 S Santa Fe Ave | Salina, Kansas | 785-502-5120

Call or text me at 785-577-1227 if you see something you're interested in.

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