“What kind of painting does Rick Frisbie do?”

“What kind of painting does Rick Frisbie do?”

Rick Frisbie: The Dawning of a New Day

That was the question my friend’s partner asked him. 

Curious, I asked, “What did you tell her?” 

“Sort of loose,” he replied.

I laughed and said, "I would say rough."

Another friend told me that she thinks many of my paintings fall into the 'abstract expressionist' category. I can go with that. In fact, I like it. 

Since I am primarily self-taught I have always had a strong determination and sense of independence. I feel at liberty to try anything in any way or combination in order to learn more about painting. I have much I want to learn. 

Recently I watched the movie In the Good Old Summer Time with Judy Garland. Her song “I Don’t Care” caught my attention. Don’t misunderstand me -- I care deeply about painting, my own paintings, in particular. I have eagerly spent 2-4 hours every morning since 2000 to learn and practice my passion: painting.

But Judy’s song touched a note in me about the opinions of people with much more formal art education than me. Judy sings,

They say I’m crazy
Got no sense
They may or may not mean offense
I don’t care
You see, I’m sort of independent
I am my own superintendent
And my star is on the ascendant
That’s why I don’t care
I don’t care, I don’t care
What they may think of me
I’m happy-go-lucky, they say that I’m plucky 
Contented and carefree
I don’t care I don’t care 
If I do get a mean or stony stare
If I’m not successful
It won’t be distressful
Cause I don’t care
Rick Frisbie: Bursting Out  Rick Frisbie: Diagonal WatersRick Frisbie: When the Birds Sing  Rick Frisbie: Floral Pinwheel
The paintings above show some of what I consider a new class of “passion” for me. They may be seen as wild, primitive, amateurish, unfinished by some folk’s standards. But I don’t care. I like them because they carry some of my passion. 

“Members Show” at Lincoln Art Center
March & April 2023
Opening Reception March 10

What do you think of one or all of my paintings? Give it to me straight in the comments below. I can take it.
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I love your paintings, Rick! I see something for everybody! An artist really can’t care too much what other people think, can they? Keep on doing what brings you joy in your creative expressions……It’s definitely a gift from your creator!😍❤️

Mary Lou Himz

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